Water Tours in Hungary | from: www.vizilo-vizitura.hu

Hungary has got a beautiful landscape with wonderful rivers and lakes. Most of these are suitable for water tours. Hungarian rivers are peaceful and calm, so they aren’t suitable for whitewater rafting, but they are ideal for those who enjoy paddling on slow flowing rivers. You can observe the untouched water world here, but it is also possible to visit and explore the buildings and monuments of the thousand year old Hungarian history. These historical sights can be found all over the country along the waterways, so after a day’s water trip you can visit four- five hundred year old fortresses, castles and churches or just have a walk in the beautiful villages.
Don’t miss the chance to taste the famous wine of the Tokaj wine growing area near the Tisza and Bodrog rivers. Hungarian cuisine is also worth trying. Those who enjoy observing birds and other animals in their natural habitat can also have a great time.

There are 28 water habitats protected by the Ramsar Agreement. Some of these can be visited by tourists. Some waterways run through National Parks, where marvellous photos can be taken of the nature. Rivers have got flood area forests or reeds on their banks, creating a perfect environment for wildlife.

The most important waterways are the following: River Tisza, Lake Tisza, River Bodrog and the Körös rivers in Eastern Hungary; and Szigetköz (“the land of Thousand Islands”),
River Dráva, River Rába or the Mosoni Danube in the Western part of Hungary. Before choosing a river to visit, it is worth asking for detailed information about accommodation or local specialities.

Should you have any further questions the organizers will gladly help you in organising your tours in Hungary.